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Article provided by: Eastside Pottery

Seattle Pottery Classes

Seattle Pottery Classes

Are you tired of wasting money on Seattle pottery classes that don’t teach you anything you don’t already know? Most ceramics teachers and online art instructors have only basic skills and knowledge to draw from; if you’ve advanced past the level of local tutors, it’s time to find a work space where you can get down to serious creating. Eastside Pottery is the ideal studio for someone in your position. As a member you’ll have access to our work space as often as you choose.

Workshops For Community vs Workshops For Members

Showing up for community workshops is a lot like taking art courses online- it’s difficult to get a lot out of the experience when so many people are in attendance at a community event, especially in a community the size of Seattle. If you’re looking for a more personalized creative space, Eastside Pottery is open 24/7 for members. Upcoming members’ workshops will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and experiment in our studio. Even the best online art teachers cannot offer you what Eastside Pottery can- more time in the studio.

Perks of Members Workshops

Eastside Pottery’s Members will have priority access to all upcoming workshops, with extra space being offered to the community. Mainstay Members will get to take part in one free workshop every quarter as an added amenity to their already very affordable membership. You can check out dates of upcoming workshops on our website and purchase tickets to be there in-person. Raku firing will be a popular workshop event held at Eastside Pottery.

Make a Change That Will Improve Creativity

Take a break from art instructors online local Seattle pottery classes and become a member at EP to create day or night in our state-of-the-art ceramics studio. You’ll never regret investing in your passion and learning new skills as an artist. Ceramics experts say it’s very difficult to learn art online because you’re only seeing your work from the instructor’s viewpoint. To advance in your skills, you’ll need a spacious work place and continuous creative input like that which you’ll get from our workshops.

Workshops are Better Than Seattle Pottery Classes

Creating with ceramics is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can get involved in, and since it’s so affordable, almost anyone can take part in the fun. Membership at Eastside Pottery is probably less than the cost of your gym membership when you add up all of the additional costs involved. You’ll have a lot more fun in our work space at the pottery wheel reducing stress and turning your creative passion into a thing of beauty time after time.

Find out more about our new art studio by exploring the resources on our website, including FAQs, membership costs, amenities, workshops, and more. If you have questions, let us know, by filling out the convenient contact form on our site. Join at the Enthusiast level to try out our studio or jump in with both feet at the Mainstay level for unlimited studio access.


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